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Chilling Burial Grounds in Gloucester County, NJ

Burial grounds in Gloucester County, NJ will make the dead come alive. Imagine how much you miss at night when it's quiet with nobody around. What do ghosts do, where do they linger, what are their stories? You probably have a million questions that you are dying to answer. Visit the haunted cemeteries where you could possibly come face to face with a real spirit!

Eglington Cemetery

  856-423-0165 | Gloucester County

Haunted Cemeteries in NJ

Located in Clarksboro, NJ, Eglington Cemetery is over 200 years old and has rumors of being haunted. As the nation's oldest cemetery that has continuously been in operation, this location is sure to have one or two accounts of supernatural occurrences. As you walk the grounds you may feel an other-worldly presence, get a sense for... Read More

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