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Reach Your Body Goals at a Studio in Gloucester County, NJ

Take care of your body--it is so important! Even with your busy lifestyle, don't keep putting it off.
Set your goals and reach them. With hard work and dedication, the gyms in Gloucester County, NJ will get you there.

You will feel empowered when you see visible results and feel stronger. Challenging yourself to put in the work... nobody said it would be easy!

South Jersey's fitness center go-to.

Kennedy Fitness has six locations in Gloucester and Burlington County for your convenience. If you consistently find yourself in southern NJ in need of a workout, this may be the perfect gym for you.

Future Fitness

  856-478-0060 | Gloucester County

Fitness Centers in NJ

Future Fitness, a gym that offers a 30 day free trial to all potential gym-goers in Mullica Hill, NJ, is one of the best in the Southern NJ area. They are more than the average gym. With free personal training opportunities, medical monitoring, nutrition counseling and a supervised nursery, members know that this gym cares about... Read More

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Free personal fitness consultation and training session!

Giant Fitness is an affordable fitness center that offers a free personal fitness session when you sign up! You'll be able to figure out what you need to do to reach your goal and how to go about it. 

Giant Fitness

  856-384-8900 | Gloucester County

Fitness Centers in NJ

Giant Fitness is one of the most affordable places to work out in the beautiful Gloucester County NJ area. A membership at this fitness center is only $10 a month, meaning you can exercise and get fit, without breaking the bank or feeling locked in.\nThe open floor design of the gym allows for great exercise opportunities... Read More

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Get Some Natural Exercise, Explore the Outdoors!

For when you need a change of scenery, New Jersey is home to many hikes and other outdoor activities that provide a thrifty form of exercise! Take your workout outside, run on the beach, kill arm day by paddling in a canoe, take your dog on a trip-- the options are endless. If you are in need of new ideas, don't sweat it just take an Outdoor Adventure.

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Tel : 732-298-6015
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Business Hours : 9:30 - 5:30


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